Born May 6
3 Males ( 1 fawn ) 2 Females
Evelyn Vicky v Caya's home
KNPV PH1 with honour
Daik vd Binger Hoh

Congratulations to
Nick and Nefertari
with IGP1
Cristel and Knoet
with IGP3

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22k Pedigrees, a selection out of
our main database of 300k bouviers.
15000 Workresults, 73000 Showresults
7500 Photo's, 1600 Video's

last update 2024-06-07

J.W. Krijnse Locker
Oud Loosdrechtsedijk 54
1231 NB Loosdrecht
Tel/Fax (31)(0)35 5826353

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our females
Queenie Kallista v Caya's Home

Jinx Wisgund v. Caya's Home igp2

Vicky Chewbaka v. Caya's Home vzh

Wisgund Maiske v. Caya's Home ipo3

Kallista Bleike v. Caya's Home

Cherissa Vicky v. Caya's Home

Evelyn Vicky v Caya's Home KNPV PH1 with honour 404p

Our Male
Placidus Evelyn v Caya's Home


Daisy Wisgund v Caya's Home World Champion IGP3
Knoet Bleike v Caya's Home igp1

Kjeld Bleike v Caya's Home igp3

Hillariina Wisgund v Caya's Home igp3
Idefix Bleike v Caya's Home igp1

Irresistable Bleike v Caya's Home obedience

Isolde Bleike v Caya's Home cdx rn td

Daring Dax Wisgund v Caya's Home ipo3

Fidelia Samantha v. Caya's Home ipo1 vzh

Edmond Vicky v Caya's Home vzh

Mistral Schunka v. Caya's Home knpv ipo1

Alf Ukkie v Caya's Home ipo1

Bayard Maiske v Caya's Home
Leroy Ukkie v Caya's Home ipo3
Brechtje Maiske v Caya's Home igp3
Roan Nyra v Caya's Home ipo3
Uwo Genesis v Caya's Home ipo3
Utah Genesis v Caya's Home ipo3
Nessie Chewbaka (Biko)v Caya's Home ipo3
Paco Ximena v Caya's Home ipo3
Nerd Chewbaka v. Caya's Home ipo3
Quardos Genesis v. Caya's Home ipo3 sph1
Quando Genesis v. Caya's Home ipo3
Quatro Genesis v. Caya's Home ipo3
Patser Ximena v. Caya's Home ipo1
Lenko Ximena v. Caya's Home ipo2
Max Nyra v. Caya's Home IPOR-B
Moonlight Schadow Nyra v. Caya's Home ipo3 sph1
Nestor Chewbaka v. Caya's Home ipo3 sph1
Montoya Nyra v. Caya's Home ipo3
Atze Maik Amy v. Caya's Home SchH2
Antara Femme v. Caya's Home obedience
Anouk Amy v. Caya's Home RedH
Bikkel Sweet Pea v. Caya's Home ipo2
Eika Amy v. Caya's Home VPG1
Int.CH. Eros Honnepon v. Caya's Home ipo3
Fjoebie Xandra v. Caya's Home ipo3

Int.CH. Gismo Yokozuna v. Caya's Home ipo3
Howard Henry Sweet Pea v. Caya's Home SchH1
Hootch Shirdan v. Caya's Home> ipo3
Iwan Xandra v. Caya's Home ipo3
WORKING CH. Iron Xandra v. Caya's Home ipo3
Kazan Xandra v. Caya's Home herding
Luca Ukkie v. Caya's Home SchH3
Manoeska Schunka v. Caya's Home sph2
Paya Ziezo v. Caya's Home
Roudoudou Xandra v. Caya's Home ring
Rudie Uranie v. Caya's Home ipo1
Rembrand Nyra v. Caya's Home ipo3
Skippy Jezebell v. Caya's Home G&G3
Vicious Kay Amy v. Caya's Home ipo2
Vesta Queen Femme v. Caya's Home ipo3
Gedu Ward Uranie v. Caya's Home ipo3
Walena Jezebell v. Caya's Home ipo1
Welf Lucas Jezebell v. Caya's Home ipo1
Xekibby Xandra v. Caya's Home ipo3
Xaver Max Xandra v. Caya's Home schh3
Ziggy Amy v. Caya's Home ipo2
Zancho Amy v. Caya's Home vpg3

Maiske Nyra v. Caya's Home ipo1

Samantha Ximena v. Caya's Home

Othello Amy v Caya's Home ipo3

Mister Nyra v. Caya's Home ipo3

Bleike Maiske v. Caya's Home igpv

Bartjeda Emeth v. Caya's Home vzh iercacib

Emeth Aquarius Jardin du Michony vzh

Monza sph

Houba de Vesneau cqn

Haya Leticia v. Caya's Home

Jumping Jack Wisgund v. Caya's Home

Shirdan's Sonia van Zegepoort ipo1

Nora v Assenrade

Genesis Uranie v. Caya's Home ipo2

Nyra Uranie v. Caya's Home ipo3 sph1

Ziezo Shunka v. Caya's Home Youth Ch.

Sweet Pea Jezebell v. Caya's Home

Ximena Ziezo v. Caya's Home

Int.Ch. Henkie Shirdan v. Caya's Home ipo3 sph1

Int.Ch. Uranie Xandra v. Caya's Home ipo3 sph1

Int.Ch. Kokomo Grace v Caya's Home ipo1


INT. CH. Darn Dog d'Ukkie v. Caya's Home ipo3

INT.CH. Vzorro Peggy v. Caya's Home ipo3

INT. CH. Xandra Peggy v. Caya's Home ipo1

Leroy Peggy v. Caya's Home knpv ipo3

Chinchi Prins v. Caya's Home knpv ipo1

INT.CH. Noeran Zafira v. Caya's Home ipo3

Anubis Ukkie v. Caya's Home ipo3

Faisal Emeth v. Caya's Home ipo1

Peggy knpv ipo3

Arno v Majaco knpv


Prinses Anja v't Walfort ipo3

Femme Fatale Mischa v. Caya's Home

Honnepon Imca v. Caya's Home

Ukkie Rataplan v Caya's Home

Centauri's Urban Grace

Chewbaka Uranie v. Caya's Home ipo3 sph1

Betty Aggy v. Uleaborg cqn

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Onze Hond Publikatie No5 Juni 2023
Auteur: Jan Dobbe: Houden van Honden
Fotografie: Peter Gubbbels

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