The Winners of the COMBINATION-TRIAL of the Dutch Bouvier Club,
held on Oct 3 1999

3rd place
John Boegheim with
Vesta Queen Femme
Caya's Home
1st place
Caya Krijnse Locker with
Uranie Xandra
Caya's Home
2nd place
Herrie ter Beek with
Xekibby Xandra
Caya's Home

A Combination trial is, as the name already indicates, a combination of a Conformation Show and a Working Trial.
The A, tracking, is replaced by E, Exhibition. E goes like a normal show, the only exception is that the dogs are placed regardingless of their sex.

Results from part E:
First Place Excellent :Uranie Xandra v Caya's Home
Second Place Excellent :Noeran Zafira v Caya's Home
Third Place Excellent :Vesta Queen Femme v Caya's Home
Fifth Place Very Good :Xekibby Xandra v Caya's Home

The scores from the show are added to the scores from the working trial and the highest total score is the winner of the entire trial

Never before the whole podium was taken by dogs from the same kennel.